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When you use the Water Tree Anion Power Shower for the first time, it creates an experience you won’t soon forget. The filter inside removes harmful chlorine on contact adds natural moisturizers that can relieve skin irritations while adding an exciting citrus aroma. The result is a natural vitamin C, aromatherapy shower experience. We don’t stop there, to add to the magic, the treated water travels through our patented plate design that emits over 400,000 negative ions at a rate of more than 400,000 per cm.
The design of the Anion Shower Plate is a low-flow shower head, which is a great money-saver. High-quality shower heads like the one featured on the Anion Power Shower provide a forceful, satisfying shower while using only half as much water as your old one. Since this is heated water, you also save the energy to heat it.
This sophisticated technology combines to create a “SOFT” negative ion waterfall effect that is refreshing, relaxing, and has been known in some instances to relieve headaches and have a positive effect on depression. These benefits are not limited to any age group; studies have shown that even children can find huge benefits from negative ions. The patented plate design is the “key” to relief.
The patented plate is removable and should be cleaned regularly to remove debris that can collect in the holes of the plate. This debris can cause damage from excessive buildup if left for long periods. Simply remove the plate, rinse it off, and put it back in anytime you notice water spraying anywhere other than straight through the head.

What Can It Do?

  • Removes harmful chlorine
  • Natural moisturizer
  • Vitamin C, aromatherapy

How Could a Simple Shower Head Have Such Impact?

  • Removes chlorine on contact
  • Natural Vitamin C shower with Citrus Aroma loved by everyone
  • “Soft” waterfall effect
  • Provides optimum hydration results in the body
  • Emits 480,000 negative ions at a rate of 480,000 per cm
  • Natural moisturizer, relieves skin irritations
  • Refreshing and relaxing, relieves headaches
  • The patented plate design is the “key” to relief

Anion Shower Head

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