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The Water Tree Whole System removes heavy metals, chlorine, chloramines, bacteria, algae, lead, asbestos, iron, dissolved gases and many other contaminates. ⁣

The contaminates in your water source can come from anywhere. The Water Tree house system is non back-washing, so there’s no wasted water. ⁣ It will also help increase your water pressure and reduce the scale that builds up in your pipes and appliances.

Installation is required by a licensed plumber or warranty becomes void. We can recommend a plumber if needed. System can be moved to new location, in the event of homeowner relocation, just check with your plumber for pricing.

Depending on water source conditions, additional filters may be required for optimal results.

Other common water systems are just softeners that dump salt into your water. Water Tree’s filtration system not only cleans your water, but also softens it without adding salt or chemicals.

Toxins in the water can cause gastrointestinal illnesses, infections, kidney issues, skin problems(eczema), and reproductive issues. Cooking, cleaning, drinking, and taking showers in tap water is so harmful for you and your family.

This product is available for the US and Canada only.

Premium Deluxe Whole House System

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